The 3 highest scores in MISS UNIVERSE

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highest scores

Post  Anonymní on Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:57 pm

There is a rule to be taken into account. One never compares scores from different mu editions for the judges have a totally different sense of what makes a perfect mark. Some judges are extremely strict. A 9.200 may be equivalent to a 9.600 of another judge!
In the same regard the score is determined through competition. If it is tough, then many high scores are given, ranging from 9.500 to 9.700 but you never see a 9.800. That is due to the fact that the judges do not have a clear view of the winner, since more than 3 or 4 contestants stand equal chances of winning.
Personal opinion : Fedorova was not the best in swimsuit. It is widely known the best bodies in mu were in the 1998 edition, which in turn seems to be considered the most competitive one. Were Oxana to compete then, her score would have been lower than 9.600.
Lara is one of the most indifferent mu titleholders , again it is just my opinion. I never saw a good catwalk, she just did not bring it on stage. Her gown was OK. Maybe she shone at the question round, but it remains a question how they gave her the crown. Spain would have been much much better. Period.
Colombia 1994 was astonishing. One of the best top 2 in times. She lacked the class the muorg were looking for. India was then the most elegant woman i have met. Absolutely regal. Just what the muorg represented.
Puerto Rico 2006 won because she had made one of the best gown choices ever. The judges must have had ranked her 2nd. But after the final look, i know for sure, they just could not take their eyes off that gown! Amazing.

Concerning the best preformances in the decade :

Swimsuit : my choice is Venezuela 98
Gown : my choice is USA 2004
Interview : USA 1997
presentation : Colombia 2008
best mu of the decade : India 1994


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Re: The 3 highest scores in MISS UNIVERSE

Post  Milka on Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:12 pm

I agree with your post, but there is something I disagree

vasilis wrote:Personal opinion : Fedorova was not the best in swimsuit.

I think Oxana's body is one of the greatest in MU history cheers

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Re: The 3 highest scores in MISS UNIVERSE

Post  darkvindak on Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:06 pm

Oksana Fedorova is gorgeous -7663-y

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Re: The 3 highest scores in MISS UNIVERSE

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