Doras Heart about my facebook page.

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Doras Heart about my facebook page.

Post  Pustala on Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:53 pm

"I don't say any bad comments, offensive photos here. I know to myself that I'm not doing wrong. Only God can judge me. Thank you so much for all your support."
"This is a social media if you have a lot of people who sorrounded with you, their are a group of people brings you down and their are also a people who gives you strength, happiness and positive vibes. That is a part of life that you should have to accept that. I'm ready for what next for me, because that is the destiny. No matter what is my place now that's what I deserved and I'm really thankful because God given me a life. I don't want to talk about the bashers, the facebook admin that they was reported me. I'm not doing wrong based on my beliefs. Let's be true you want me to talk about you and let's be mean. I don't know why you blocked my website before, you put in my facebook page that I am offensive and misleading well I can't do nothing but I hope you are fairly for your decision. You can see all of my pose in my timeline theirs nothing wrong about it, I never tried to offended people in social media. I am more on moral values and positive qoutes. This is my rights and I hope you respected it. I never did any reports from them to fight back, because I forgiven them and no hurt feelings. Okey people, judge me If you want but I never changed my true beauty inside. I'm just focusing to think positive. My mom said don't be affected, I have my family, friends and supporters are helping to me, it's not a number of the people I'm happy enough If their are some people appreciating me. It's only a facebook page, but thank you for loving me, a true competition is outside the social media. A lot of opportunities in the world beside facebook, but I'm willing to still keep on touch in you through facebook until that I can."


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