My facebook fanpage decreasement, because I change my page name.

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My facebook fanpage decreasement, because I change my page name.

Post  Pustala on Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:25 am

"I came from a little likes from my facebook fanpage, it just only for 6 months when my facebook fanpage was increased until 30,000. I was stuck 5,000 likes since 2013, decreased or any increasement of my fanpage, it is still I'm existing. I'm not here just because of likes, but I'm here just to share my rights and dignity. I hope that facebook are going to be fairly, because they are deactivating some of our likes, when we are inviting people in our facebook fanpage: something that it is not counted, this was begin last night, by changing my name through Roshnier Lomboy - Doras Heart. I was also experienced this before in my other facebook fanpage, that was my official account before, but because of a big decreasement, I will never don't want to back it again and I given to my share holders or the people that I trusted. We are not inorganic supporters, we are recruiting people from the other countries to encourage as to like us through social media. We are organic, we are only many people, but we are inviting people manually through social media. This is non-profit online organization, that is handled by Doras Heart, we don't used any money just to increased our likes, we our doing it manually, because we are an organization."


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