The show-what did you think?

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The show-what did you think?

Post  eja on Tue Nov 24, 2009 8:14 am

So for the first time I was able to see Miss Earth almost live!
Loved the "live" stream via the homesite.
The opening were interesting with the contestants arriving amongs the audience heading for the stage.
I donīt know if I liked them being dressed in swimsuits though...
Maybe it was the location-the sunny resort...
The stage and location was kind of small-I liked the intimicy with the audience though.
The hosts were OK as were the production.
But the translators...?
Please, find better ones for next year?!!

Loved the evening gown section-were chocked that so many favourites didnīt make the cut: Italy, USA, Cuba , Latvia???!!
Not to many europeans in finale....but we had a judge from Kosovo none the least!?

All in all a weak 7 out of 10 from eja who enjoyed being part of the show via internet!

And Larissa from Brazil was an outstanding winner!
I didnt like her before-but she ruled when it counted!
Miss Venezuela tried a cup when she made a statement before her 30 sec answering the final question. I think she lost beacause of that....
Miss Philippines was a stunner and decerved her top 4 spot, as did Spain..
All in all a nice top 4!!

Sorry thatthe quality of the live stream wasnīt that good-did anyone catch Ustream-did they have better quality?



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Re: The show-what did you think?

Post  bonner on Wed Nov 25, 2009 5:56 am

i like the introduction...when they are at the beach...but then the music is boring...... miss universe still got more excitement

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Re: The show-what did you think?

Post  Canuck1986 on Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:54 pm

Well, I think it was ok. Clearly not in the same league as Miss Universe and Miss World, but overall, it was good. The introduction was good and it was good to see the contestants entering in the room and sort of passing by the people in the audience. Im not really fan of being introduced in a swimwear...I prefer MU's cocktail dresses for the introduction and annoucement of semifinalists. Speaking of the announcement of semifinalists, well, I didn't like it. They announce the semifinalists too fast...In MU, the girl gets called, gets to the center of the stage, stands there for a few seconds while we see her name and her country being shown...thats what I like. But ME, they announce the girls really quick, they get to the center of the stage and right away move to their spot, with no country name or person name being shown. Also, they announced Martinique and Georgia within seconds and both girls got on stage at the same time...Definitely, they need to work on that to make announcement a professional one. Swimsuit presentation was good and the music was great. I like the fact that they kept the top8 in the end and crowned the winners out of it. I think it gives them to all of the runner ups, including the 1st runner up, to actually have their moment during the crowning...that was a good move from them. Kudos for that.


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Re: The show-what did you think?

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