"Theatre of Dreams" expected to hold Miss Earth 2012 pageant

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"Theatre of Dreams" expected to hold Miss Earth 2012 pageant

Post  ClubEarthMania on Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:21 am

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Develop theater than 10 million expected for the Miss Earth 2012

On 10/12, the groundbreaking ceremony for $ 10 million theater will take place in Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan province, is expected to be completed in August next year. One of these international events are planned at this organization is Miss Earth 2012.

Talking to , Nguyen Cong Khe, Chairman of the Board Youth Group Communications, said Ninh Thuan province have agreed to this group as an investor of the project called Theatre Corals. This is a multipurpose theater with the scale of 4 ha, located at the marine park of the city of Phan Rang - Thap Cham.

3D perspective of Coral Theatre in Ninh Thuan

Coral Theatre dubbed as the "Theatre of Dreams"

Coral Theatre can accommodate from 1,500 to 2,000 seats, modern design, higher than 30 m. Looking from the top down, this theater shape like a sea shell or a distant waves, with soft curved structure from the top down ... In addition to the main stage, the population also has a theater and entertainment district, shopping, restaurants ... serve tourists. Unit investment costs for this work range from 10 million to 15 million. The model designed by theater architect Ho Anh Tuan made.

Watch Introduction to Coral Theatre:

According to Nguyen Cong Khe, Vietnam is now the lack of separate city entertainment to benefit the most from the coastline, scenic beauty of the country. "Ninh Thuan have sheep, goats, grapes ... the produce is very close to the European cities. The area around the Opera House Coral Care also about 20 villages. I hope the theater can complete the the numbers in tourism, mining maximum specialties of the local culture in a very professional, with more expected to turn away from a city of Ninh Thuan entertainment, tourism, sports ... " he whispered.

Around July or May 8 / 2012, this theater will be put to use. Unit investment that is expected to organize this is where programs such as Charming Vietnam, Vietnam Supermodel, Miss Vietnam ... or sports events like football U21, U21 international newspaper Thanh Nien ...

According to Global Beauties , Miss Earth 2012 will be hosted by Vietnam and the competition took place in the Coral Theatre of Ninh Thuan. However, said Nguyen Cong Khe, this issue is being discussed with the Philippines, as well as being submitted to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Expected later this year or early 2012, new concrete results to be announced. According to Khe, in the context of general economic difficulties today, when every program must be given careful calculations, details of all stages.

In 2008, Hoan Cau Company to host Miss Universe competition in Nha Trang. To cater for the event, the company has construction Crown Convention Center has a total investment cost USD 9.8 million, is seen as providing greater performance and most modern Vietnam. After Miss Universe 2008, the theater has a capacity of 7,500 seats almost fell into "up the projector", not a chance to put into service a major arts program.


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