Festival de Cannes 16 to 27 may 2012

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Festival de Cannes 16 to 27 may 2012

Post  dakkudaddy on Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:46 pm

The movie world's highest of high brow event is indubitably Festival de Cannes, the annual French film fest that handpicks the finest works of new cinema to unleash upon the world. From legendary auteurs to first time directors, Cannes is exalted by film buffs as the premiere stage for big screen debuts. If a movie gets into Cannes, it's already earned a level of respect.

That same respect extends to the stars, who flock to the chic festival to walk the red carpet and command audiences with their latest performances. Cannes imbues an actor or actress with immediate cred — especially helpful if for up-and-comers looking for respect. There's a theme of this year's line-up: the new and the old rubbing shoulders, a younger generation ready to step out the door and rise above their goofy franchise roots ........... This year they festival is paying special tribute to American Icon Marilyn Monroe by selecting a photo of the Hollywood sex goddess for the poster of the 2012 event.



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