Lara Dutta Plays KBC’s ‘Doosra Mauka’ for Acid Victim

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Lara Dutta Plays KBC’s ‘Doosra Mauka’ for Acid Victim

Post  dakkudaddy on Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:44 pm

Lara Dutta Plays for KBC’s ‘Doosra Mauka’ Who Wants to be a Millionaire's Indian Version for acid Victim Sonali Mukherjee
Warning: The pictures below maybe disturbing to some people

Megastar turned host Amitabh Bachchan welcomes contestants to give them a second chance (doosra mauka) to fight back in their respective lives, and to win and face the world all over again, in the special episode of his popular game show 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' Doosra Mauka (Second Chance), Season 6.
The special episode of 'doosra mauka' (second chance) is for those people who have been fateful sufferers of pain and violent behavior. Sonali Mukherjee is an unfortunate victim of acid attack that recently came on the sets of KBC to show her stones and as well a passion to fight for the injustice that happened to her. On the show, actress Lara Dutta was the one who helped her throughout. She recently tweeted about the show by saying, "Taping with the legendary @SrBachchan for KBC tomorrow. Playing for someone special. Excited and nervous. Its been a while!

On the other side, emotional Amitabh Bachchan praised Sonali's fighting spirit, rising up from the ashes, and witnessing the strong hope even after facing so much pain and suffering in her life. Big B uploaded pictures of Sonali on his Facebook page who have lost her eyesight after the acid attack. After almost 22 surgeries, she can now at least hear and talk after four years of being attacked.
Amitabh wrote, "Much too disturbed by the event at KBC of 'doosra mauka' .. a second chance for those that have been unfortunate victims of trauma and violence ... a young girl robbed of her entire body and youth by an acid attack on her .. her face destroyed, lost her eyes, lost her hearing, lost her voice for 4 years .. 22 reconstructive surgeries later, she can now speak and hear ... full of grit and determination to seek not just justice, but to become an example of faith and strength for others that get inflicted with such atrocities .. They that inflict such damage are not humans .."

Victim Sonali is still waiting for her justice as her cruel attackers are yet walking freely. Bachchan continues, "More of Sonali on KBC tonight for the episode on 'doosra mauka' ...the screen at the back shows a graphic picture of her after recovering with great grit after the attack .. damaged and deformed, but full of courage to fight this oppression and to try and live as normally as possible ... 22 sugeries done to repair, can hear and talk now but cannot see .. the perpetrators of the crime out on bail and back into society .. horrendous!!"
After uploading a specific picture of burnt Sonali, Bachchan wrote, "Look what those monsters did to this pretty face ... and destroyed her for life .. Sonali Mukherjee the victim of an acid attack . Lara Dutta who works for the cause of such women afflicted, by her side to assist her." Big B also posted the real picture of Sonali from KBC sets by saying, "the pretty Sonali before the acid attack .."

n his blog, he also further adds, "Denied of justice, she pleaded publicly to end her life through the process of euthanasia. Denied of that too because euthanasia is illegal in the country, she decided to not remain silent and suffer."
"She is now able to speak, hear, but cannot see. Her story is one of immense courage and fortitude. The nation salutes her as do all of us, but simultaneously hangs its head in shame for this dastardly act - an ugly reminder of the kind of evil that exists in our society," he added.

The megastar often gets too emotional in the episodes when any contestant breaks down, and cannot help to become as affectionate as he can. The previous season of KBC was pretty much emotional, and this season as well the host is relating with the participants and the show seems to be getting too emotional for a second time. While we're on the subject, we too praises and gives a standing ovation to Sonali for her fighting spirit.



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