Miss Macau Past Results

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Miss Macau Past Results

Post  Dorots24 on Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:35 pm

From Chinese Pageant Page:

Winner               安多尼維剌哥士德

No pageants held

Macau Forum
Winner              黃玉嬋 WONG Yuk Sim
1st Runner-up    嘉露蓮樂畢士
2nd Runner-up   瑪利亞樂畢士
Miss Friendship   王淑莉
Miss Photogenic  陳捷安

Macau Forum
Winner              張 茜 Patricia CHEONG Sai
1st Runner-up    曾小燕 Angela TSANG
2nd Runner-up    劉少英
Miss Friendship
Miss Photogenic  曾小燕 Angela TSANG
Miss Young        曾小燕 Angela TSANG

Macau Forum
Winner             Olivia Ana Maria do ROSÁRIO
1st Runner-up   呂靜紅
2nd Runner-up
Miss Friendship
Miss Photogenic

Macau Forum
Winner             白海倫 Helena da Conceição LO BRANCO
1st Runner-up 
Kou In Leng
2nd Runner-up 
Vera Chao Wai Na
Miss Asia Pacific Rep.   Mok Pou Kim
Miss Friendship
Miss Photogenic

Macau Forum
Winner             畢美娜 Guilhermina Madeira da Silva PEDRUCO
1st Runner-up   LEONG Mei Chan
2nd Runner-up  李莉莉 Lily LEI Lei Lei
Miss Asia Pacific Rep.   PAO Cheng I
Miss Friendship   HO Mei Ion
Miss Photogenic

Macau Forum
Winner              文雪兒 Alexandra Paula Costa MENDES
1st Runner-up    文寶雪 Amanda McKELLA
2nd Runner-up
Miss Friendship
Miss Photogenic

Macau Forum
Winner              林家琪 Cristina Guilherme LAM
1st Runner-up    梁穎詩
2nd Runner-up
Miss Friendship
Miss Photogenic  梁穎詩

Macau Forum
Winner              何玉儀 HO Lok I
1st Runner-up    加沛兒 Lucia Abrantes Santos
2nd Runner-up    姚顈珊
Miss Friendship   凌欣欣
Miss Photogenic

Macau Forum
Winner              畢嘉麗 Isabela Madeira da Silva PEDRUCO
1st Runner-up    Lisa dos Santos Lewis
2nd Runner-up    陳敬密 Balia CHAN
Miss Friendship
Miss Photogenic  畢嘉麗 Isabela Madeira da Silva PEDRUCO

Macau Forum
Winner              陳季敏 CHEN Ji Min
1st Runner-up    文雪婷 Daniela Maria Costa MENDES
2nd Runner-up
Miss Friendship
Miss Photogenic  陳季敏 CHEN Ji Min

Macau Forum
Winner              畢嘉寶 Geraldina Madeira da Silva PEDRUCO
1st Runner-up    馮曉燕
2nd Runner-up   飛雅倫 Helena Isabel Dillar FERNANDES
Miss Friendship
Miss Photogenic

Macau Forum
Winner              畢美琪 Guiomar Madeira da Silva PEDRUCO
1st Runner-up    李 菲 LI Fei
2nd Runner-up   趙雅玲 Kimberley CHIU Nga Ling
Miss Friendship
Miss Photogenic 李 菲 LI Fei

Macau Forum
Winner             羅慧雲 Agnes LO Vai Van
1st Runner-up   Regina Gageiro MADEIRA
2nd Runner-up  張詠梅 Ivy CHEONG Weng Mui
Miss Friendship
Miss Photogenic

No pageants held

The Venetian Macau
Winner                           8 呂蓉茵 Florence LOI Iong Ian
1st Runner-up                 (5) 關安娜 Ana Kuan BARROSO
2nd Runner-up                (7) 伍家怡 Cherry NG
Hair Fashion Award          (5) 關安娜 Ana Kuan BARROSO
Miss Friendship               (1) 陳小玉 Vanessa CHAN
Miss Photogenic              8 呂蓉茵 Florence LOI Iong Ian
Most Popular Miss Macau  (5) 關安娜 Ana Kuan BARROSO
Top 6 Finalists                (1) 陳小玉 Vanessa CHAN
                                  (2) 區結儀 Kelly QU
                                  (10) 呂倩姬 Annie LOI
Finalists                        (3) 許鄒遲 Sonia HOI
                                  (4) 梁妙娜 Milna LEONG
                                  (6) 陳雅雯 Iris CHAN
                                  (9) 屈佩盈 Martina WAT

The Venetian Macau
Winner                                              (10) 李若瀅 Laura LI
1st Runner-up                                    8 李雪娜 Sarah LEYSHAN
2nd Runner-up                                    (1) 黃斯敏 Joyce HUANG
Miss Friendship                                   8 李雪娜 Sarah LEYSHAN
Miss Photogenic                                  (10) 李若瀅 Laura LI
Most Stylish & Glamourous Hair Award     (1) 黃斯敏 Joyce HUANG
Top 6 Finalists                                    (2) 淩慕媛 LENG Mou Wun
                                                      (5) 冼韻怡 Winnie SIN
                                                      (9) 陳轉梅 CHAN Chun Mui
Finalists                                            (3) 張綺敏 Fion CHEONG
                                                      (4) 葉沛文 Mandy YE
                                                      (6) 楊 雯 Yvonne YANG
                                                      (7) 朱一丹 Julia ZHU

Please feel free to comment for corrections or additions...Enjoy viewing!!!


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